J.R. McGrath

J.R. McGrath is a cofounder, partner, and software engineer at VL7 Solutions. J.R. was an Army Medic in his early years and went into software development soon after finishing his service in the military. He has 20 years of extensive experience in software design, development, implementation, and support. Incorporating his medical background and interface development, he most recently worked for Greenway Health, formerly Greenway Medical Technologies, Inc., as a software development director.

J.R. started with Greenway in its early stages of design and development in 1999 and was instrumental in the development of its Practice Management system and in the design and development of the diagnostic device interface platform, as well as many user requested enhancements and custom applications.

Throughout his 15+ years with Greenway, J.R. dedicated himself to the customers, his fellow employees, and the Company’s growth. Through VL7 Solutions, J.R. plans to continue his dedication to the development of superior software solutions and ensure 100% customer satisfaction and support.

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Derek Skinner

Derek Skinner is Cofounder, Partner and Software Architect at VL7 Solutions. Derek’s first software experience was with an Atlanta based law firm where he was a courier but also wrote programs to make the office staff’s jobs easier by automating office processes. From those beginnings more than 20 years ago, Derek has continued to design, architect, implement and support systems that make his customer’s lives easier.

Derek most recently worked for Greenway Health, LLC as Development Director and Architect. Starting at Greenway in 1999, Derek was able to grow several software products from vision to execution that included Electronic Health Records, Medical Accounts Receivables and related interfacing systems.

Derek has worked with many software development methodologies from Scrum, Agile to Waterfall and every flavor in between. Derek is comfortable with the style of development that suits his client’s needs.

Derek lives in Carrollton, GA with his wife Amy where they are raising six children: Nathan, Matthew, Charlie, John, Molly and Anna.

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